Corporate Integrity Program

The purpose of Tenco's Corporate Integrity Program is to promote and support the organization's commitment to conducting its' business with integrity and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, including all applicable Medicaid laws and regulations.  Every person involved in the activities of the organization is subject to the standards and policies of the Corporate Integrity Program.  This includes members of the Board of Directors, officers of the corporation, senior managers, supervisors, employees, contractors, and agents.  No person, regardless of his/her position with the organization, may violate or discredit the organization's commitment to ethical and legal compliance.  Compliance is everyone's responsibility!

If you have questions or concerns about:

Honest and Lawful Conduct

Compliance with State and Federal Laws

Billing and/or Financial Reporting


Conflicts of Interest

Documentation Integrity

Business Relationships

Fundamental Values



Other Compliance Issues


Report these concerns right away by contacting:

Codie Amason, Integrity Officer

641-682-8114, ext 130, or email:


Compliance Reporting Hotline


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