Vision Statement

All people enjoy a high quality of life where they are as independent as possible and valued members of the community.

Core Values

People Priority

We treat all clients, families, donors, staff, and volunteers with the compassion, empathy, respect, and dignity they deserve.

Individualized Success

We meet people where they’re at and individualize services and supports based on each person’s unique needs and desires. We know all people can be successful but that success may be incremental. We celebrate all wins, both big and small.

Integrity in All We Do

We operate with fidelity to our mission and with integrity. We are genuine in how we fulfill our duties to clients, families, staff, donors, volunteers, and the larger community.

Safety First

We ensure the safety of all clients, staff, and volunteers through quality environments and equipment, programs and services, and staff training.

Giving Voice

We empower people – clients, families, staff, donors, and volunteers – to advocate for themselves and the services needed to ensure success for individuals throughout the community.

Strategic Durability

We commit to sustaining our organization to remain a long-term support and advocate for clients and the community. We strategically think outside-the-box to come up with solutions and to ensure the sustainability of the organization.

Promoting Understanding

We are responsible for raising the visibility of persons with disabilities in our community and educating the public on disabilities to promote understanding throughout the community.

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