The Power of One


One man's impact, influence and legacy.

It was 1975 and Tenco Workshop was beginning to blossom.

Two new facilities had been opened in Chariton and Fairfield, Iowa and more people were being helped than ever before. People with disabilities were working, many for the first time. They were producing quality work and getting paid for it.

But there was still one problem, an age old one. . . money.

Helping people with disabilities was a noble cause but not a well-funded one. The Ottumwa agency was renting an old building that had once housed a skating rink. The giant wooden clown that stretched from foundation to rooftop stood as a proud testament to that fact. It was serviceable, but far from the factory-type setting the administration desired for its workers.

Then the unexpected happened.

Word came that Mr. Floyd Parker, a farmer out of Monroe County, Iowa, bequeathed his entire estate to Tenco, including his farm and other assets. Mr. Parker heard a speech about Tenco at a community meeting and was so moved he felt compelled to ensure that everything he had would go toward this good work.


That gift established the Tenco Foundation and is still working today.

Over the years the Tenco Foundation has been instrumental in providing new and appropriate buildings for each of the Tenco facilities. Safe, accessible housing has been made available, and finances are set aside to help individuals in achieving their goals and dreams. Equipment is purchased or upgraded as needed and accessible vehicles are provided to allow for community access to all of the people we serve.

Hundreds of lives have been touched and changed through the life of one man.

But it doesn't stop there. Others have contributed their own gifts over the years, perpetuating the legacy. The power of one becomes the power of many, and lives are changed as a result.

You can leave your own legacy.

There are many ways to enhance your legacy to your loved ones even as you help others. Discovering what's available is simple! To find out more, check out our Gift Planning Opportunities. You'll find outlines of the most common gift plans being used today, as well as the benefits and tax advantages associated with each one.

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