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Welcome and thank you for visiting Tenco online. We hope that our website shows you the many opportunities available. Please feel free to read more about us on this site, or come in for a visit.

At Tenco, each day is dedicated to building opportunities for people with disabilities to work, learn life skills, and interact in the community.


Tenco serves people with:

* Intellectual Disabilities

* Brain Injury

* Mental Illness

Tenco currently provides services to over 300 individuals with disabilities.


Our Mission


To empower persons with disabilities to live, learn, and work independently in their community.

Tenco was founded on one defining principle... that every person has value and ability.

Some abilities come naturally while others have to be learned.



Tenco services include:

  • Residential Services

  • Vocational Services

  • Adult Day Habilitation

  • Greenhouse Operations

  • Retail Services

  • Supported Community Living

  • Respite

  • Group Respite

  • Residential Care Facility

  • Transition Home

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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Tenco Foundation

For more than 30 years, the Tenco Foundation, Inc. has focused on one purpose . . . to enrich the lives of people with disabilities.

How do we accomplish such a lofty goal? In two primary ways---providing a sound financial base for Tenco Industries, Inc. and by investing directly in the people it serves.

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